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      Gutter Guard Leaf Mesh is designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering gutters and downpipes. Aluminum Leaf Guard Mesh is particularly suited for gutter systems in areas with vast amounts of trees and shrubs. Gutter Guards are available in a range of materials and styles, mainly aluminium expanded mesh, stainless steel or HDPE mesh. Aluminum Leaf Mesh enjoys rust resistance, light weight and needs less maintenance compared with other metal mesh materials such as mild steel.


      Leaf Guard is locked on the gutter with special "locking" edge;
      Easy installation;
      Powder coated finish available against rust and corrosion;
      Rigid material that will not break down under heavy ice and snow;
      No damage of shingles when used for roof gutters;
      Debris free water flow into gutters;
      No blocked downpipes;
      Debris free gutters with extended service life.


      Leaf Guard Products are mainly used as gutter guards against leaves, debris and vermin, to prevent the rainspouts and gutters from getting blocked.

      Below you can have a look of Leaf Mesh in real cases of gutter guard system.

      Internal Leaf Guard System for Building Roofs

      Roof Rail Gutter Guard
      Corrigated Aluminium Leaf Mesh installed above the internal brackets to prevent leaves from reaching the lower section of the gutter, allowing a clear water flow.

      Aluminium Expanded Mesh for Balcony Gutter Project Building

      The mesh fits from the outside edge of the gutter across the gutter section and then is attached to the roof surface. This creates a platform that suspends leaves and debris above the balcony roof gutter.

      Aluminum Mesh Expanded Gutter Guard
      Aluminium Mesh minimises gutter maintenance and improves the quality of rain water collected for tanks.

      Stainless Steel and Aluminum Mesh for Ground or Exterior Gutter Uses

      Black Powder Coated Aluminum Leaf Guard
      Metal Mesh Gutter Guard 5" × 48" protects the gutters from becoming clogged with leaves and debris.

      Product Details

      Material: Aluminium Mesh, Stainless Steel Mesh
      Finish: Powder coated
      Color: black, gray, white, and etc.
      Size: 5" × 48", 6" × 48", 7" and 8" sheet width also available.
      Package: 5 pieces or 25 pieces per box.

      Specification List

      Mesh Hole Type Mesh size Weight Width Length
      Diamond 6mm×6mm 200g/m2 15cm-18cm 6m or 8m
      Square 12mm×12mm 200g/m2
      Diamond 3.8mm×3.8mm 660±30g/m2 1m×50m or custom size

      External HDPE Leaf Mesh Gutter Guard to Keep Rainspout from Getting Blocked

      Plastic Leaf Mesh for Gutter Guard System
      Plastic / High Density Polyethylene Mesh Leaf Guard, Diamond Mesh, with UV stabilizer that meets Australian standard, mesh size:3.8*3.8mm, Weight:630-1000g/sqm, in roll size:1*35m/roll.

      Product Details:

      Plastic mesh gutter guard system fitted to the gutters will enable leaves and debris to slide off the roof.
      With our new angled design, the plastic mesh slows the flow of water and directs the water into the gutters.
      PVC or Plastic Mesh comes in a range of colours to match the roof and trims.
      Colors available: Grey, silver, white, birch grey, river gum, heritage red, orange, slate grey, mountain blue and more.