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      Interior Decorative Mesh Curtain is chiefly made from aluminum alloy, stainless steel (304 or 316), bronze, brass and copper. Mesh Curtain Draperies have become popoular choice for interior decoration of exhibition halls, hotels, bars, office buildings, dancing halls, shopping malls and art galleries. Mainly used as suspended ceilings curtains, space and room dividers, lights curtains, stairs and railing partition screen.

      Why Aluminium Mesh Curtains Populary Used?

      Aluminum Mesh Curtain is substantially less in weight and it is more flexible and bendable than its Stainless Steel counterpart. Acturally, Aluminum Mesh at same wire diameter, mesh and opening, offers much light weight compared with other metal mesh materials, including mild steel, stainless, bronze or copper.

      Also, Aluminum Mesh Drapery offers excellant corrosion resistance, it is almost maintenance free compared with other metallic mesh fabrics.




      Grane Bronze

      Paint Brass

      Paint Copper

      Paint Gold

      Red Bronze

      Metal Grey

      A Quick Look:


      Ring Mesh Coiled Curtains;
      Metal Beads Curtains.


      Architectural Functions of Mesh Curtains:

      ·Debris and fall protection
      ·Diffusing light
      ·Dividing space
      ·Energy savings
      ·Safety barriers
      ·Shading and screening

      Below you can have a look of Metal Mesh Curtains in real cases of architectural projects, and formed in different colors, sizes and openings.

      Coiled Wire Link Mesh Curtain Wall Drapery for Bar Decoration Projects :

      .Spiral Coil Metal Mesh Curtains in Aluminum or Stainless Steel
      Wire Mesh Drapery for hotels space dividers, Spiral diameter 1.2mm, pitch 6.2mm, curtain thickness 6mm, weight 2.2kg/m2
      Surface treatment: Pickled, Spray-paint, baked
      Mesh Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel optional.

      Aluminum Mesh Room Dividers

      Purpose: Seperate the room space, adding texture to room, adding privacy.

      Aluminum Alloy Coiled Mesh Space Dividing Fabric
      Gunmetal Color Painted Aluminum Mesh, 6.3mm Aperture, 18 gauge.
      Color options: black, brown or dark bronze painted.

      Chain Braid Ring Mesh Coil Curtains for Architectural Ceiling and Background Decoration

      Purpose: For building exterior and interior decoration, both functional and aesthetically appealing
      Chain braid ring mesh is designed with each individual ring interlocked with four rings. The chain coiled rings form a unified mesh system with polished to a high gloss surface.

      Alu and SS Ring Chained Coil Mesh Fabric
      Mesh Material: Aluminum Alloy, stainless steel 304/316/316L, wire 1.6mm, pitch 12.2mm, fabric thickness 11.7mm
      Surface treatment: Pickled, spray painted, baked, polished

      Bronze Polished Ring Mesh:

      Ring Mesh 12.0mm, Bronze Polished, 3 m height X 9 m width,for hotel project in UAE. Stainless steel polished mesh at options.

      Shower Curtain for Interior Design Project in USA

      Residential Design Aluminum Mesh Curtains, Interior Mesh for Decoration
      Ceiling suspension curtain, for residential shower room design projects: 72 inch height x 50 inch width

      Product Details:
      Material: Aluminum Alloy Coil Wire for light weight; Stainless Steel; or Brass.
      Color: aluminum or metal color
      Size: 72" high x 50" wide
      Hanging Type: Metal single rings going through rod

      Spark Screen Curtains for Fireplace and Fire Pits

      Coiled Wire Mesh offers flexible fabric, uniform mesh opening and clear vision of the fire. Supplied with rings and a pulling handle for fixing and handling.

      Material: Stainless Steel or Aluminum Screen polished, baking painted in different colors. Black coated steel optional.
      Wire diameter: 0.6 to 1.2mm
      Aperture: 4*4mm-35mm*35mm

      Replacement Aluminum Mesh, Spark Screen

      Aluminum Fireplace Mesh, mesh count 8, wire 0.028 inch, opening 0.097 inch, opening rate 60.2 percent, reference unit weight 0.141 lb/ft2.

      Optional material: Bronze, stainless steel, black steel.

      Coated Black Steel Fire Pit Screen
      Easy Replacement Fire Pit Spark Protection Screen, Made from Powder Coated Black Steel Mesh

      Metal Drapery Specification
      Material Wire dia? (mm) Aperture (mm) Theoratical Weight? (kg/m2) Surface Treatment
      AISI 304/316 1 5 3.3 Natural polished
      1 8.4 3.5
      1.2 6.8 5.8
      Al-Mg Alloy 1.2 4 1.9 Paint-spray? /Anodizing
      1.2 5 1.5
      1.2 6 1.25
      1.2 7 1.13
      1.2 8 1.2
      1.2 9 0.85
      Aluminum 1 5.5 1.5
      1.2 6.8 2.5
      1.2 8.5 2
      Carbon Steel 0.9 6.3 4
      1 6.8 5.5
      1.2 8.5 6

      Metal Bead Curtains

      Product Details:

      Material: Stainless Steel sus304, 316 and 316L, aluminum and other metals.
      Colors Available: Silver white, bronze, red bronze, gold, black and other colors to match the surrounding spaces.
      Bead Sizes: 2.4 mm; 3.0 mm; 3.2 mm; 4.0 mm; 4.5 mm; 5.0 mm; 6.0 mm; 6.5 mm; 8.0 mm; 10.0 mm; 12.0 mm.

      Aluminum Bead Curtains
      Aluminum with gold painting, 316 L optional, bead size 2.4mm, bead distance is 10mm.

      Beads Color Options:

      Black Painted Metal Beads 8mm