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      Welcome to Juyi Aluminum Mesh Co.

      Juyi has been providing specialist aluminum wire and aluminum mesh screening for export since the year 1997.

      We offer not only woven aluminum wire mesh, but also expanded aluminum mesh, aluminum fences and mesh grills for cars.

      This is a company with a long-standing reputation for quality, fairness, and reliability. We supply only the good quality aluminum wire mesh products and materials that meet or exceed international standards.

      Aluminum wire mesh wholesaler and exporter of China, Juyi exports in big quantity aluminum wire, aluminum mesh, screening and aluminum fences. Also other aluminum wire fabricated metal products.

      Business covering:
      Aluminum Wire
      Aluminum Wire Mesh
      Aluminum Screen
      Aluminum Fence
      Aluminum Window Screen
      Expanded Aluminum (Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh)

      Aluminum Wire Mesh Gril
      Contact Juyi Aluminum Mesh Co.
      E-mail: sales@aluminumwiremesh.com          URL: http://www.hz-sanitaryware.com